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Remote laser pointer

Time:2019-08-14 Views:629
     The laser pager uses computer USB technology and radio frequency technology. It integrates remote computer function and laser pointer. It is ideal for use with PCs or laptops, combined with projectors, and is widely used in product presentations, electrification teaching and academic conferences. Demonstration tools.
     The wireless control computer has a distance of more than 25 meters, so that you can flexibly control your computer in any corner of the classroom or conference room. The remote control laser is embedded with a radio frequency transmitter and a laser pointer, and has three function buttons: a laser button, a page up button, and a page down button. The radio frequency transmitter is a main signal device of the remote control computer; the page turning button is a shortcut button for controlling the explanation content; the laser button, which seems ordinary, is an important weapon for you to circle the focus of the briefing in the briefing and guide the audience‘s attention.
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