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Wireless Presenter function

Time:2019-08-14 Views:256

        Using polymer lithium battery and USB interface for charging, eliminating the trouble of battery replacement. Lower cost, more convenient to use and more green.

        B) One-piece design
         Integrated design, the wireless receiver can be stored in the smart slot inside the wireless presenter, it is more convenient to carry, plug and use, and the appearance is more beautiful.

        C) Triple power saving design
         Automatic standby, deep sleep, automatic power switch, triple power-saving design, make the product more energy-efficient and use longer.

        D) Support hyperlink function
         Added support for hyperlinks on the basis of laser, page turning, playback, and black screen functions. You can open the hyperlinks in PowerPoint and switch back to the presentation window.

        E) Effectively avoid interference from other RF signals
         2.4G international green frequency, 10 meters operable range, 360-degree omnidirectional control, no directional restrictions. Strong fault tolerance check and automatic frequency hopping technology can effectively avoid other RF signal interference.

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