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Cautions when using laser pointer

Time:2019-08-14 Views:558
      In addition to safety, the laser pointer must be used with care. In the art gallery, because some paintings may be afraid of light, it is not suitable to use a laser pointer. In zoos, you should not use laser pointers to avoid frightening animals. Astronomy enthusiasts should pay attention when using the laser pointer to point the star, and should not use the pointer frequently and for a long time, so as not to obstruct other people‘s stargazing and photography. In public places with a lot of people, to avoid accidentally hurting others, you should stop using the laser pointer. Some high-power laser pointers have obvious thermal effects and cannot be used continuously for a long time, especially solid-state lasers that are sensitive to temperature.
      Although the laser pointer is powerful, it can do many impossible tasks. It has been well received by consumers in the market. But also pay attention to safety when using it.
      The laser pointers and laser flashlights currently on the market today may be class IIIB and have a power of more than 5MW. It is assumed that direct laser light into the eyes can kill the eyes. With some high-power laser pointers, diffused light can also kill the eyes. After focusing, they can burn flammable materials. Therefore, the laser pointer is not a toy, which is uneasy for children to handle. It is assumed that when monopolizing high-power lasers, it is necessary to wear extraordinary Enron glasses. Also, no matter how powerful the laser must be, it must also avoid hitting the eyes of itself and the rest of the people, and the laser itself should be given a warning label. In addition to Enron, the laser pointer must be handled with care. In the art museum, because the department‘s paintings can be afraid of light, it is not safe to hold the laser pointer. In the zoo, in order not to scare the animals, you should not hold the laser pointer. Astronomy enthusiasts should be careful when holding the laser pointer, and should not be frequent and should hold the pointer, so as not to obstruct the others from staring and taking pictures. In a crowded public center, in order to avoid accidental injury to outsiders, it is necessary to curb and hold the laser pointer. Some high-power laser pointers will be customized with distinct thermal effects. They can not be held intermittently, which is very fast for solid-state lasers.
      When you use a laser pointer, you should avoid irradiating your eyes, flammable items and valuables. Safety first.
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