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Fashion + rugged earthquake proof Travelstar‘s new metal USB flash drive

Time:2019-08-14 Views:533

The Travelstar U disk has always been based on the advantages of compactness and portability in the mobile storage industry. In the daily work, business people will carry a U disk with them even if they are not equipped with a mobile hard disk. To show customers products and exchange information, this compact storage tool is essential. There are many U disk brands on the market, which one is what you want.

Travelstar various USB flash drives
During the use of Travelstar‘s USB flash drive, many customers will encounter such a situation. Important data is stored in a private USB flash drive, but accidentally fell into the water, or fell into fragments after being stepped on the road. Recovery The cost of data is often several times or even dozens of times the disk itself. In response to this common situation, Luzhixing has designed and produced the flashing USB flash drive. The design of the flashing USB flash drive prevents the USB flash drive from being easily damaged as a starting point. On sale across the country.
Fashion + rugged earthquake proof Travelstar‘s metal USB flash drive is now available
Travel Star Shiny Series USB Flash Drive
The U-Star‘s shiny series U disk has a delicate appearance and unique streamlined appearance. The shiny series U disks U310, U320, and U330 have their own individual appearances in different shapes, which is very fashionable. This series U disk adopts all-metal structure design, which is extremely tight, can be waterproof, more shock-proof, wear-resistant, and durable than ordinary U disk. At the same time, the flashing series U disk uses a thin design, allowing customers to feel the advantages of U disk portable.
The Travelstar Shiny Series U310U disk has a unique water drop appearance. A 20-carat Swarovski rhinestone is inlaid on the surface of the U disk, which is distinguished and distinguished.

Travel Star Shiny Series U310U Disk
Travel Star Shiny Series U320U Disk This product‘s unique pull-and-rotate design effectively protects the USB disk and is stylish and exquisite. It is a favorite portable digital product for business people.

Travel Star Shiny Series U320U Disk
The Travelstar Shiny Series U330U disk uses an all-metal enclosing design, which is more shock-resistant than ordinary U disks and can withstand the pressure of a car.

Travel Star Shiny Series U330U Disk
The Travelstar Shiny Series U disk not only has beautiful appearance, stylish personality, metal material, sturdy and durable, but also uses the original high-speed flash memory chip, the fastest reading and writing speed can reach 15M per second, suitable for various occasions. To meet you at a civilian price, 4G market price is only 39 yuan, 8G is only 49 yuan, 16G is only 69 yuan, I believe it will become the first choice in the U disk market.

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